Research financial management software

Track past, present, and future spend of sponsored awards

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Gain greater visibility into funding and effectively manage spend-down

Overspending, underspending, or spending outside of conditions are all threats to your institution’s funding. Yet it’s difficult to accurately manage awards and other funds with data in several different places. General accounting software just isn’t capable of helping you predict and prevent spending issues.

Now you can save time, achieve on-target spending, and manage a large funding portfolio with Cayuse Fund Manager.

Research financial management software

Better Funding Management

Cayuse Fund Manager is 100% paperless and integrates with your existing systems.

Be a successful steward of your funding

Eliminate data entry errors

Increase transparency & accountability

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Seamless Integrations

Cayuse Fund Manager integrates with your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), General Ledger (GL), payroll, and eRA systems to save time, reduce duplicate data entry, and ensure consistency. See as much detail as you want, from rolling up at the portfolio level or going down to the activity level. Run “what-if” scenarios for the most accurate forecasting, and quickly generate reports for stakeholders.

Powerful Features


Improve budget oversight for multi-year sponsored projects


Generate easy-to-read financial summaries, burn rate, and P&L statements


Project future expenses to control spending


Manage sponsored research, institutional funds, hard money, clinical income, and clinical trials

“We are saving 15 hours per week with Cayuse Fund Manager. No more spreadsheets, no more errors.”

Stacy Gallo
Administrative Secretary for Sponsored Research and Foundation Relations

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Fund Manager

Gain visibility into the entire sponsored project funding portfolio; report on spend-down, encumbered, or accrued expenses; and run projections/what-if scenarios.

Project Effort

Ensure faculty meet their commitments to a sponsored project. Comply with federal and institutional effort certification, as well as payroll verification policies.

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