When it comes to managing the postgraduate research process, it’s easy to find yourself mired in a disconnected world, where people and systems can’t quickly and easily connect or communicate. That world looks something like this:

In the traditional world, researchers, department directors, professors, and supervisors are often siloed, accessing data via multiple systems—or no system at all. How many times have you had to walk down the hall, or to another building to get the right signature, or locate a missing document? Without Graduate Education Manager, the postgraduate management process is too often:

The Graduate Education Manager approach

With Graduate Education Manager, the entire postgraduate process hums along without a hitch, because now everyone can access a central hub to easily communicate and locate the information they need. The Graduate Education Manager world is a place where students, program directors, professors, and supervisors access any information they need at any time from any location.


“Graduate Education Manager is accessible, reliable, fresh, and integral to the University of Northampton’s postgraduate research programs. It’s easy to use, has resulted in a massive reduction of paper, and removed the need for actual signatures. All we’ve received is positive feedback, with barely any training required.” David Watson, University of Northampton


Three ways to find out how Graduate Education Manager can change your world

  • Read a case study to find out how one university’s postgraduate completion rates increased by 25% with Graduate Education Manager.

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