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Time & effort certification software and reporting system

Simplify effort reporting

Ensure compliance with automated effort certification

Nobody wants their institution to get hit with financial penalties, funding disallowances, or a PR crisis. But when effort reporting isn’t done properly, those are all serious risks. The problem is that effort reporting can be burdensome and error prone, especially if you have to pull data from different systems.

Rest assured you’re compliant with Cayuse Effort. It helps you ensure faculty comply with institution policies and sponsoring agency regulations, ultimately saving time and providing peace of mind.

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Better Effort Certification and Reporting

Cayuse Effort is 100% paperless, integrates with your existing systems, and is highly configurable to match your institution’s certification policy

Increase efficiency with automation

Reduce administrative burden

Improve compliance

Seamless Integrations & Robust Reporting

Cayuse Effort integrates with your existing institutional business applications such as Payroll, General Ledger (GL), and HR to save time, get the most accurate and up-to-date information, and automate the certification process.

With Cayuse Effort, you can easily extract data with user-defined filters and create reports for analysis and compliance with federal reporting mandates. In addition, as a system of record, all certification statements are saved and can be easily retrieved for audit purposes.

Powerful Features


Eliminate manual data entry with automated preparation and data verification


Capture all necessary info for tracking and reporting in one system


Enforce deadlines and meet regulations with system alerts and email notifications


Quickly view time and effort records and status by employee or project


Digitally sign time & effort certification statements for quick turnaround, transparency, and audit trail

“Once we got our faculty involved, it took them all of five minutes to learn how to use Cayuse Effort.”

Matthew Katz, Assistant Vice President of Sponsored Research and Contract Management

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